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Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

Parent Opportunities

Room Parents

Two volunteer Room Parents are needed for each class. Room Parents may be asked to to send emails and/or make phone calls to help coordinate parents for holiday celebrations, and special events for your child’s class. Upon a teacher’s request, they may help prepare for special classroom activities (making cut-outs, etc.). Room Parents from all classes may be asked to help coordinate special school-wide projects as needed.

Parent Participation / Volunteering

Parents are invited and welcome to participate in our Preschool program. If you have any area of specialty or a hobby that you would be willing to share with us and the children, please tell us so that we can plan to work you into our schedule.

Parent Volunteers

Throughout the preschool year, parents are invited and welcome to participate in our program.

By filling out the Parent Interest Survey provided in your child’s folder on Parent Night, families can inform us of their interests in the following:

  • Specialties or hobbies you are willing to share
  • Taking home items to help in preparing for classroom projects (cutting, tracing, etc.)
  • Substitute on an “as needed” basis
  • Provide childcare for our monthly staff meetings (directly after preschool)
  • Participate in the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization)

PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) includes, but is not limited to: communication, staff appreciation, and fundraising.

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