Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

100 W. Lochmere Dr, Cary, NC 27518

Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

100 W. Lochmere Dr, Cary, NC 27518



  • Classes begin in fall (around Labor Day)
  • Classes end in May (before Memorial Day).
  • Follow most of the Wake County Public Schools’ traditional school calendar pertaining to teacher work days and holidays.

Staff Qualifications and Student Ratio

  • Two qualified co-teachers per class
  • 2-year-old classes have up to 12 students each
  • All other classes up to 14 students each


A developmentally appropriate and integrated curriculum is provided at RLP. Child-centered, hands-on experiences are offered in an enjoyable learning environment, along with a mix of academic opportunities. Activities are planned to offer a mix of active and passive segments. Throughout the morning, a blend of gross and fine motor, cognitive, language, emotional, spiritual, and social components are included within the context of the unit being explored. Our ‘learning through play’ philosophy also integrates Jesus’ teachings, woven through parts of the day/ monthly routines schedule.

Specials and Enrichment Opportunities

Chapel: One morning a week, the children are taken into the Church sanctuary for a brief chapel time. They will sing songs and hear Bible-related stories. This is wonderful exposure to God’s word in a warm, interactive, developmentally appropriate atmosphere. Our younger classes begin attending later in the year.

Music: Weekly for all students.

Science: Weekly for 4-year-olds and Transitional-Kindergarten students.

Carpool Drop-off and Pick-up: Offered for 3-year-olds to Transitional-Kindergarten students.

Water Day, Dad’s Day, Mom’s Day: A few of the special events offered during the year.

Pre-K Letterland: Used in all classrooms.

After School Classes: Language Enrichment, Spanish and Art classes are available after preschool hours for 4-year-olds. Eight week sessions are offered several times during the year.


  • Praise and positive reinforcement are used as effective methods of behavior management
  • Redirection of behavior is employed
  • Encouragement of appropriate behavioral alternatives

Phone: 919-851-7270

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