Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

COVID-19 Update

We have paused our 2020-2021 (September 2020-May 2021) preschool year. The classrooms and halls of RLP will not be filled with the voices and giggles of children we were all so anxiously awaiting to welcome back this fall.

The RLP Board believes this is the best decision for these reasons:

  • first and foremost, the safety and well-being of everyone, our children, our families, and our staff
  • secondly, the financial responsibility to our RLP families (current and future) and to the Resurrection Lutheran community.

The positive aspects of a ‘pause’ for RLP allows us TIME.

  • TIME: A blessing that we are thankful for and that we will use wisely during these unprecedented times.
  • TIME: We will commit to staying connected to our RLP families.
  • TIME: We will ‘pause,’ review, and renew our program.
  • TIME: RLP intends to return in 2021-22 with a renewed and restored program. A preschool program that has been offered to this community since 1984 and that will continue to grow stronger.
  • TIME: To prepare for enrollment in January for the 2021-22 preschool year (September 2021 – May 2022)
  • TIME: Hopefully, to plan and offer Spring 2021 or Summer 2021 Camps, as we monitor the pandemic.

We are exceedingly grateful for the expressions of support shared by the RLP families and your patience over these past weeks and months. We are truly blessed with our remarkable RLP family community!

Diane Hooper

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