Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

Resurrection Lutheran Preschool

Considering a Transitional-Kindergarten Class: A Parents’ Perspective


People that:

  • want to ask questions of parents/students “who have been there” and get answers
  • are ”on-the-fence’ about sending a child to transition vs. kindergarten
  • want more information
  • desire a parent’s view of benefits for their child (thinking ahead- 3rd grade, middle and high school years, even college) down the road and currently


Informational meetings for parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, and co-workers presented by parents.


Resurrection Lutheran Preschool@
Resurrection Lutheran Church
100 Lochmere Dr. West
Cary, NC 27518

Fellowship Hall, moving to a Transition classroom


The schedule for 2020-2021 meetings will be posted later this fall.


To discuss benefits and reasons parents chose to send a child to transition.


Through open dialog offered by parents and former transition students (except morning meeting). Opportunity for questions and answers.

Sponsored by RLPs Parent/Teacher Organization

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